Are you ready to go to snake school?

The first semester of Orochi High (a web snanga about snakes in high school) begins in one week on Wednesday, March 15th! If you like snakes, shoujo manga, and subverting tropes, check it out!

I’ll be posting new pages every Monday for Patreon patrons and Wednesdays here on the website, on Facebook, and on Tumblr. The site’s still a WIP, but it has a forum–take a look and sign up if you have a chance!


This is the Chapter 1 cover. Check back in a week (or earlier if you’re a patron) for the first page, which introduces us to Truffle, the sneroine of the story!

(Many thanks once again to @littleprincesnek, who designed the amazing logo. The Little Prince makes a special cameo appearance on the first page!)